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srijeda, studeni 13, 2013

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nedjelja, studeni 18, 2012

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ponedjeljak, studeni 5, 2012

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utorak, srpanj 10, 2012
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petak, travanj 27, 2012
To celebrate the birthday of our Elena Risteska i realeased the latest edition of Milioner Magazine which is dedicated to her style.In this edition you can read the exclusive interview with one of the best Macedonian designers Emili Pisheva Godijrova & ofcourse the second part of the interview with Elena. Enjoy & Happy Birthday Elena !
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četvrtak, ožujak 22, 2012
Once again that time of year has arrived ,the time that every Balkan country has to choose it's "Balkan Music Awards" representative. Last year Elena represented Macedonia with her hit single "Sakam Po Dobro Da Te Pamtam" this year she is one again nominated , but this time for her deut with Lambe Alabakovski "Najdobro Do Sega". Show your support and sign up at the Balkan Music Awards web site and VOTE !
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ponedjeljak, veljača 6, 2012
Click to read the latest edition of Milioner Magazine , The Special Edition in which I talk to about Life, Happiness & Success! Plus more fun and interesting content !
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četvrtak, siječanj 26, 2012
Some photos of Elena's perfomance in the the Disco Oriente in Piacenza, Italy.
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ponedjeljak, siječanj 16, 2012
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ponedjeljak, siječanj 9, 2012
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Elena Risteska Fansite” started off as a little blog offering news about Elena and has over time evolved into what you see today: a highly professional fansite & the number one spot for everything Elena related. It has followed the steps of Elena’s career & offers readers the latest news about Elena’s music. To celebrate the 5th Birthday of Elena Risteska Fansite , I have design this fun wallpapers for you to download! Plus check out the latest Promotional Video for Elena Risteska Fansite & the latest ERF network - Milioner Magazine Library where you can find all the editions of the Number One Elena Risteska Magazine "Milioner Magazine".

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Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska,Elena Risteska.
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